Episode One


It’s a stormy afternoon.Dark and drab. Rain is pelting iron roofs as though trying to unearth the secrets hidden within the walls beneath. Trees are swaying and groaning to the forceful tunes of the strong winds. Leaves are floating with reckless abandon, having left their fates in the hands of Nature.People are running aimlessly but with a singular aim; to find cover..both from the rainy assault and the gut wrenching bolts of lightening and thunder that have turned the sky into a mega discotheque.

At Glory Drive, house-with-the-black-gate, we are safely indoors but are nevertheless taking precaution. Windows closed, telly off, all electrical appliances turned off to prevent attracting a lightening strike. Little Bro is deep in his blanket, he says it wards off electric current from the lightening.

Suddenly, a sharp jolt trembles the house down to its foundation and sends shivers down every spine within. All lightbulbs and sockets  short circuit, the house is plunged in darkness..lightning has struck the house!!!

Little Bro rushes down to the living room with fear in his eyes. He looks around and we are all busy trying to figure out how much damage has been done. We r checking bulbs and sockets but have not checked the one thing Little Bro really cares about

“Guys!” He cries in anguish.“is the TV okay?”

This outburst fishes out much needed laughter from all of us. Tension dissipates further when the TV is confirmed to be okay.

“Is TV the only thing you care about?” I question Little Bro.

“No, but I can assure u without it, life would be worse than this stormy afternoon!”

Till the next joke…


ARTWORK by Andrew Roland Kamagara


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