Episode Two


It’s Sunday, Glory Drive, house-with-the-black-gate. Little Bro is brimming with excitement; we are going for a Watoto Church Service. He loves Watoto Church so much and always makes sure I never forget to take him. “I love it because on the inside, it looks like a movie!” he told me once. 

Walking out on Glory Drive, we meet a gentleman with whom we exchange greetings. When he is gone, Little Bro asks who he is.

“It’s an Uncle.” I reply. An uncle not because he is our dad’s or mom’s brother but because that’s what we call any man who is close with our family, even neighbors and school wardens.

We soon continue on our voyage and meet another family friend with whom we exchange greetings. When he leaves, Little Bro asks who he is.

“He is an uncle!” I reply. 

Soon we are in a taxi, enjoying the trees and buildings whooshing by and the promise of a great worship experience. The driver is calm and he is not needlessly snaking through traffic jammed vehicles as though he suddenly thinks he is riding a bike. Being a Sunday, the road is deserted.

“Awo ku Total!” I blurt to the conductor once we reach the Total Nakulabye stage. No sooner have we stepped out of the matatu than we bump into another family friend.

“Hey guys! It’s amazing to see you!” Family friend exclaims.“How are you? This must be Malcom!”
He grabs Little Bro’s cheeks in handfulls as Little Bro smiles and grimaces in unison.

When the man leaves, Little Bro asks vehemently,“Who is that?!”

I realise the absurdity of the answer I’m about to render, but render it I must.

“It’s an uncle”

“Eh!” Little Bro exclaims. He can take it nolonger. “Uncle here, uncle there, uncle everywhere! It’s as if all of Uganda is our uncles!”
I grunt loudly in laughter and attract the attention of the nearby salon women.

“Well, your dad was a man of the people” I say and we continue to Watoto Church to meet our other uncles,aunties and siblings.


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