Explain the extinction of the editor species and the subsequent ‘reign of error’


JULY 2017

Welcome to this month’s edition of Sillypedia , your satirical encyclopedia of alternative knowledge.

The English language is ever evolving and the many countries and peoples that use it as an official language each leave a lasting imprint. Here at Sillypedia, we track down all the ingenious contributions  from our Banana Republic.

July was intruiging and was not short of drama. Here are our newest entries into the encyclopedia.

Barbie /ba:bi/ noun (UGA) (not to be confused with the American Barbie™ doll) 1 a lady who builds up and spurs her spouse or those around her to do great things, to achieve more. 2 a strong woman who is able to inspire and lead other to  achieve great feats otherwise deemed impossible.

Origin: originated from the renown Barbie Itungo, wife to beloved local musician, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine. It is widely believed that she is the fire in his heart that causes him to better himself daily, eventually leading him into parliament.

Example:  “Nalumansi is such a barbie. If it wasn’t for her, Paul would be a nobody.” “Michelle Obama is Barrack’s barbie”

Synonyms: strong woman, virteuos woman, lady

Bobi /bo:bi/ noun (UGA) (not to be confused with the hairstyle “bobby”) a person, most usually an underdog, who surpasses great challenges in life to become an inspiration.

Origin:  Local musician Bobi Wine who rose out of the ghetto and became a mouthpiece for slum dwellers before he shocked all and was elected a member of parliament.

Example: “John is bigger but Mugisha is a bobi, he knows how to knock in a few teeth. He will win the fight.”

Synonyms: strong, resilient

Editor /’edIteur/ (BRE)   /editah/ (UGA) noun an archaic and long forgotten creature in Ugandan print media that used to be pivotal in ensuring that mistakes were minimised, like misspellings and  in grammar.​
Edit /’edIt/ (BRE)  /edit’/(UGA)  verb an ancient and forgotten art or job description in Ugandan print media where a writing was thoroughly checked and revised to ensure quality print material.

Skeptism started to arise, after the “reign of error” week, in which publishing houses spat out typo after typo with determined succecion, including the First Lady on her social media! Investigation soon revealed that the Editor was an extinct species and all those on the payrolls were imposters.

Example: “Explain the causes of the extinction of the editor species and the subsequent ‘reign of error’.”

Kamyalisis /kAm’yia:lisis/ (UGA) noun a new strain of verbal diarrhoea (SEE ver.bal diar.rhoea) that shrinks brain cells and causes one to utter complete and utter nonsense one would never have uttered in their normal state of mind. Scientists (that is, political scientists ie those who study political science) have long discovered that this dangerous strain is spread by a bacteria called “presidential handshake” (also see

Origin: kamyalisis came to the public’s attention when minister for Kampala, Miss Beti Kamya vomitted vile and disgusting statements while on national TV that had everyone’s stomach turning and faces grimacing. She claimed that H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni was a godsend who should rule for ever. Aforementioned scientists quickly lurched on the case and discovered the cause.

Synonyms: idiocy, lumpen-ness,

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