Little Bro…brushes aside my sacarsm with such skill and grace that I almost feel embarrassed.


Episode Three

He Who Laughs Last

It’s a lazy afternoon at BLB 05, Glory Drive. The sun is warmly gliding through the clear sky and the birds are quietly perched in the trees, seeking refuge from the sweltering heat. Little Bro is in the living room doing home work and I’m in my room sheepishly swiping on my new Huawei smartphone. This Huawei is such an achievement because it’s an upgrade on those “chinese” phones with cringe-worthy names like “Xin Hua” or “SamSong”, those ones which have ringtones akin to the scream of an enraged bat! With a silly smile on my face, I’m humming that popular Kadongo Kamu hit, “Gyenvudde tebibadde birungi…”

Soon, Little Bro scurries in. He has a burning question.

“Ian, what is rusting?”

He catches a glimpse of the new phone.

“Oooh! Cool phone. Let me see! Let me see! Is it Apple? Does it have games? Where did you get it?”

Not particularly pleased with the untimely interruption, I reply sarcastically,
“I picked it by the roadside.”

Little Bro is unfazed. He brushes aside my sacarsm with such skill and grace that I almost feel embarrassed.
“Oh Lucky you!” he says. “You know, I had a smartphone once. It was…”

“What??” I interrupt. “Where did you get a smartphone?”

I asked, shocked, because it’s quite unheard of that at his age, Little Bro would be allowed to carry a phone, much less a smartphone.

However, he has a huge smile on his face which lets me know that I’m being had. But it’s too late, I’ve already fallen into his trap. 

“I picked it by the roadside.” he replies comfortably, picks up his home work and saunters out. I can almost swear I hear him laugh the universal evil laugh but maybe it’s just my mind playing tricks.

As the birds bask in the afternoon heat, at BLB 05, Glory Drive, House-with-the-black-gate, it dawns on me that Little Bro is a force to reckon with.


PV Soccer was a is a favourite pastime which cemented into folklore

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Pavilion Soccer, or PV Soccer, as it was popularly known, is a legendary passtime cemented in the folklore of Kibuli S.S. It was a variation of futsal which evolved from PV Ball. It was made up of three-a-side teams which would compete for bragging rights.


Pavilion Soccer was a very popular pastime which evolved from another popular pastime, Pavilion Ball, or PV Ball. PV Ball was a variation of basketball where two-a-side teams competed to drop a small paper ball through the “hoop”. This passtime was christened “pavilion” because it was played in the pavilion. The beams of the roof acted as the hoops. Stars of this game included the lanky Christian Kivuna, the calm and lean Matsiko Jade Norman among others.

However, groundbreaking and entertaining as PV Ball was, it was slow and lacked the spark of magic that some daredevils desired. Hence the birth of PV Soccer.


Some members of the legendary Form Two class of 2006 desired a more high thrill game than PV Ball. So, while the ballers strutted their stuff at the smaller “Highbury“, the dare devils took over the much larger “Old Trafford” pavilion and commenced the game that would sweep over all of lower O’level.

Armed with the tough Azur water bottle as the official ball, dare devils like Akol Bonny, Kirya Ben, Kinobe Rooney, Abdul Salam Shadad and Aka Ian pulled off tricks and flicks that would remain imprinted in the minds of on lookers and scored goals that sent the fans roaring. Games were played every free period before lunchtime and after classes till supper time. The water bottle, Azur, became a precious item due to the birth of the game.


This was arguably the greatest team to ever walk the PV Soccer universe. With Enyimu Elijah manning the defense, Joel Basoga supplying and Aka Ian finishing, they went on to win countless consecutive championships until they disbanded. Consequently, the team of Kirya and Akol then became the spectacle to watch.


Kirya Ivan Ben

This fleet footed Chelsea diehard was a spectacle to watch. He was always the pioneer of new tricks and could do things with the Azur that were imposible for others. His favourite teaming was with Akol Bonny and Kisangabya Arafat and together they redefined the game.

Abdu Salam Shadad

Shadad was a pint sized flank maestro,who christened himself “Thierry“. The Arsenal diehard was quick footed and quick witted. He was a true nightmare for his markers and his nickname was well deserved. His rivalry with Aka Ian put some more sizzle to the already sizzling game.

Akol Bonny

The motor mouthed midfielder was equally quick with the Azur. He usually preferred the supplying role where he connected superbly with the suave Kirya. He also had a shot like Wayne Rooney, his icon.
Kinobe Ronnie

Tall and Lanky, Ronnie usually preferred to be between the sticks where he was indomitable. He made himself a reputation like that of Dennis Onyango. The Liverpool diehard was also good friends with Aka Ian, another Liverpool diehard.
Aka Ian

He was another “little magician” who usually preferred the finishing role. His finishing and skill on the Azur was so good that he was nicknamed both “Zizou” and “Messi“. Usually soft spoken, he was always a monster infront of goal.Fans always didn’t deem it a PV Soccer game if Aka didn’t play.

Unfortunately, PV Soccer was such an underground game that no accolades were ever officially awarded and no records ever kept, but the true spectacle lies in the hearts of the players and those who watched them play.


Since PV Soccer was such an underground game, it was an eyesore to the Authority. Many chases and hunts were carried out by the Administration and a number of culprits aprehended. One time, Aka was christened by the Authority as the “captain” of the underground game and hence thoroughly flogged for it. A snitch has been suspected to have leaked names to the Authority.


A number of factors can be sighted for the waning of the spectacular game but generally, the people who had started it gradually lost the interest in it leaning on excuses like,“kati tukuze”. The thorough manhunt by the Authority is also suspected to have scared off some potential players and fans. Also the commencement of the Form Three Premier League, which stole away key players like Kirya Ben, Kisangabya Arafat, and Abdu Salam Shadad contributed to the ultimate downfall.However, the trend was picked up by the incoming Form Two class though records dont show


“I always thought [PV Soccer] would go on forever. When I was on that granite, I was in my element. I even bought new shoes for the game. But even the best dancer leaves the floor” Aka Ian

“It was a great game. It shaped some of our sporting philosophies and it was always great to play with friends. It was great while it lasted” Kirya Ivan Ben.

“It was an eyesore! The boys had to grow up and concentrate on their academics” Authority.